'Dexter' spoilers: Season 7 poster and pictures -- see Yvonne Strahovski and the new big bads

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michael-c-hall-dexter-poster.jpgWhen "Dexter" returns for its seventh season Sept. 30, everything -- not just Dexter's ( Michael C. Hall) victims -- is "on the table."

Showtime's new "He Saw, She Saw" promo highlights the series' epic game-changer: Deb ( Jennifer Carpenter) now knows her brother is a killer -- and a serial one at that.

Other new photos offer a glimpse at the season's new villains, Isaak Sirko ( Ray Stevenson) and George Novikov ( Jason Gedrick), and Yvonne Strahovski's third-episode debut as Hannah McKay. "It's safe to say that Hannah McKay has a dark past that is slowly revealed as the episodes go on, and she holds some secrets," Strahovski said. "She meets Dexter because she's helping the Miami Police Department to solve a case that's been around for a while."

Stevenson "brings a real gravity, weight [and] complexity," Hall said. "He's playing a character who certainly has his darkness but also his uniqueness and nuance. And he manages to convey it all in a way that, to the outside eye, seems pretty effortless. And he's great."

"Dexter" returns to Showtime Sunday, Sept. 30, at 9 p.m.
Photo/Video credit: Showtime