Dianna Agron back on 'Glee' set for Season 4, with picture evidence!

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dianna-agron-glee-season-4-breadstix.jpgAlthough there was a minor hullabaloo when the official "Glee" Season 4 art was released and Dianna Agron was nowhere in sight (it was later explained that she was filming something else and couldn't make the photo shoot), now there is photographic evidence that Quinn Fabray is back in action.

Agron posted on her Twitter account Oct. 12 that she was officially heading back to Lima, writing, "Excited to say that after a successful hair test, wardrobe fitting & reunion with the gang yesterday...today is Quinn's first day back!"

PHOTOS: "Glee" Season 4

Now, photos have emerged from set, including a group shot of the graduated seniors dining at Breadstix and a few pictures of Agron and Naya Rivera hanging out in the choir room set. Yep, Quinn and Santana will reunite at McKinley High, in a scene Agron describes as a favorite "Glee' moment.

"This scene goes down as one of my new favorites," she writes alongside a shot Ryan Murphy tweeted of Quinn and Santana singing at the piano.

Check out the photos below. Are you excited Quinn is back? What do you think she's doing in Lima? And will she have any run-ins with Kitty, the new Quinn?

naya-rivera-dianna-agron-glee-season-4.jpg dianna-agron-naya-rivera-glee-season-4.jpg