Did Mel Gibson go Mad Max?

Melgibson_queen_6355824_600Is Mel Gibson ready for "Lethal Weapon 5?"

Sure sounds like it. If you buy the report on TMZ about the actor/producer/director's behavior (anti-semitic racial slurs, profanity, threatening police officers) after his Thursday June 27 arrest for drunk driving in Malibu.

Four pages of what TMZ alleges is the original police report certainly suggests that Mel needs to start going to meetings again.

Or perhaps the "Braveheart" Oscar winner (Best Director, Best Picture) has just been spending way too much time making movies about the apocalypse, doomed cultures and ancient wars.

His new film, "Apocalypto," deals with the decline of the Mayan Empire and a young man who flees the dying kingdom rather than be sacrificed to the Gods. It's due out in December.

His next one is called "Warrior," about Boudica, a peasant woman who rose to lead Britain against the Romans in 61 AD and who was posthumously crowned Queen of the Empire.

One theory is that he just went postal after seeing a screening of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" and realized that he shouldn't have turned down the role of Sgt. John McLoughlin to direct "Apocalypto."

Frankly, I think the "WTC" role Mel should have gone for is that of Dave Karnes, the real-life former Marine who, after watching the towers fall, felt compelled by God to go to the still-burning site and search for survivors. That brave, if slighty unhinged, patriotic commando part sounds tailor-made for the Mel Man.

Hey, maybe Mel's defense for this arrest will be to pull a Winona Ryder. He could say he was doing research for his new role in another film he's producing called "Sam and George." It's about two friends who reunite after one (Gibson) gets released from prison after serving twenty years for a crime he didn't commit.

Yeah, that's what I was doing. Role research, dammit!

But at least Mel had the good grace, er, sense to profusely apologize in a statement released on Saturday, July 29....

Photo Credits: Gosh, Mel Gibson looks completely sane at a press conference in Veracruz back in October 2005. Wonder what happened to set him off this week?