Did Kate Hudson redeem herself at the Screen Actors Guild Awards?

kate_hudson_back.jpgAfter "Nine" nominee Kate Hudson's dreadful dress debacle at the Golden Globes, we were a little nervous about how the beautiful blonde actress would fare -- fashion-wise -- at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Saturday (Jan. 23).

Would her stylist, Rachel Zoe, pull it off? The answer is ... YES! 

Kate's white strapless draped Globes dress featured some kind of a shelf bra that looked like it was stuffed with tissue, crinoline, or maybe Kleenex (?) and made her look a bit matronly, to put it politely.

But her sexy SAG dress was an elegant and sleek white number (with a sequined panel) that better suited her youthful, slim and athletic shape. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!