Did Lady Gaga get a Tumblr? Mother monster makes a major faux pas

gagagetstumblr.jpegIf your Tumblr dashboard isn't already covered in Lady Gaga-tagged reblogs, get ready for a Mother Monster invasion. (And if you didn't understand a word of that, you're probably a real adult. Congratulations.)

Officially-endorsed news twitter Gaga Daily reports that the Gaga is now tumbling under the username "amenfashion." She's posted some fun photos of her extravagant make-up and daring fashion feats, like the one above, as well as some fun quotes, like "He ate my heart, so I put his in the Alejandro video."

Just one problem. Before Gaga joined the blogging site, one of her fans already had the username "amenfashion." It appears she may have pulled some strings to get the fan's name changed.

The fan, Dylan, screen-grabbed an e-mail from the Tumblr Powers That Be, unearthed by an ONTD user.

"Hi Dylan," the e-mail, which is actually a customer support ticket, reads. "I work in Community Support at Tumblr. We have been contacted by Lady Gaga's management company, Atom Factory. They want to have a blog at amenfashion.tumblr.com.

"Since Amen Fashion comes from the title of a Lady Gaga song, since you have never posted to amenfashion.tumblr.com, and since it is not the primary blog on your Tumblr account, we feel giving amenfashion.tumblr.com to Atom Management and Lady Gaga is the reasonable thing to do here. As you seem to be a massive Gaga fan yourself, we hope you see things the same way."

Dylan's blog name was then changed to "amenfashion1." The customer support agent suggested that Dylan change the name further or delete the blog, then wrote, "My apologies for any inconvenience. Marc."

As if celebs don't already have enough perks -- now they don't even have to deal with that pesky "this URL is already taken" notice! We bet if Gaga and Atom Factory had asked the fan to cede the username, he would've gladly handed it over.
Photo/Video credit: Lady Gaga via Tumblr