Did Tiger Woods' mistresses Jamie Junger and Rachel Uchitel do him for love or money?

jamie-junger-photo.jpgDespite recent claims from a former madame that two of  Tiger Wood's lovers were actually her call girls,  one of them  -- so far -- begs to differ.

Jamie Jungers -- whom you can see on Friday's NBC's Dateline special, "The Secret Life of Tiger Woods," denies former madame  Michelle Braun's claims that she got paid to sleep with Tiger. 

She did it for love, claiming that all she got from her affair with the sports hero was a "broken heart."

And maybe some steamy sext messages, we bet.

She met him at a nightclub. She says, "The more  we drank, the more flirteous it got," and they slept together that night. 

"Today Show's" Meredith Viera asks if she was part of the alleged escort service during an interview on Friday (Dec. 11).