Vogue's Andre Leon Talley on Alexander McQueen's greatest shows

Vogues-Andre-Leon-Talley-Alexander-McQueens-greatest-shows-500.jpgVogue's editor-at-large and the new judge of " America's Next Top Model," Andre Leon Talley, was deeply saddened to hear that his friend, Alexander McQueen, had taken his own life.

"He was a true poet," remembers Leon Talley. "He was like Rimbaud in cloth. He was the Rimbaud of couture. It's a great tragedy and he will be greatly missed."

In the three decades Leon Talley has been immersed in fashion journalism and having attended hundreds of shows, several of McQueen's shows standout as the best in fashion.

"I have them in my mind on the hard wire forever," says Leon Talley. "He was a poet in the way he could turn a moment in fashion into something so spectacular and so unique, so world class."

Here are a few Alexander McQueen shows Leon Talley will never forget: