DJ AM's close calls with death: a plane crash, a misfired gun and a deadly blood clot


DJ AM's life was a series of brushes with death. But was it drugs and a bad breakup that finally did him in?

 According to People, Adam Goldstein, who was found dead in his apartment this week surrounded by drug paraphernalia and with a half-empty bag of crack cocaine stuck to his chest,  tried to kill himself when he was 22, after a cocaine binge.

DJAM_Donat_1224258_600"I squinted my eyes and said ---- this," he told Glamour magazine. "I pulled the trigger." 

Miraculously, the gun didn't go off.

Goldstein, who had a long struggle with addiction, finally got sober through recovery meetings and he underwent gastric bypass surgery to lose 155 pounds.

 "I've been a recovering addict for 11 years." he said at a Television Critics' Assn. panel in Pasadena on July 29,   promoting his new MTV drug recovery series, "Gone Too Far."

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