Dirty Laundry: Lady Gaga teasing, Mischa Barton smoking, Chace Crawford shopping, Lindsay Lohan missing

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What's going on at New York's Fashion Week? Hollywood hunks  Chace Crawford,  Ryan Phillipe and "Twilight" star  Kellan Lutz were suited up and and shopping, sitting front 'n' center at Calvin Klein's men's show. And Cougar Queens  Demi Moore and  Susan Sarandon ruled at Donna Karan's collection. 

Meanwhile  Lindsay Lohan is a total NY no-show. It could be because former girlfriend  Samantha Ronson and her sister Charlotte are all over the fashion tents and the stylish parties. But Lindsay can't even get a seat in the third row, much less the first star-studded one at designer shows because she's now considered a  "brand damager." Ouch. Not good for an aspiring fashion designer.