'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary poster has Doctors, Daleks and more

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David Tennant and Matt Smith will be on screen together, both as the Doctor, when "Doctor Who" celebrates its 50th anniversary with a special episode that will also see the return of Billie Piper in her role as Tennant's companion, Rose Tyler. The BBC had finally given the episode a name, "The Day of the Doctor" and a beautiful poster that captures how epic the event is.

Also joining the cast for the special is John Hurt, who will play the "dark Doctor." He can be seen on the poster walking through all manner of chaos, including the Daleks who will be returning.

"The Day of the Doctor," which will be the first time Tennant will appear on the show since his Doctor regenerated at the end of Series 4 of "Doctor Who." The special 75-minute episode will air on BBC1 on November 23.

Check out the full poster below:

Photo/Video credit: BBC