'Doctor Who': BBC executive talks Peter Capaldi's first Doctor scenes

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There's less than a month before the world gets to see Peter Capaldi make his "Doctor Who" debut. The new Doctor, who will be replacing Matt Smith in "The Time of the Doctor," has shot his first scenes in the role, and it sounds like they're going to be good.

According to the Radio Times, BBC1 controller Charlotte Moore thinks Capaldi is "going to be a fantastic Doctor." Speaking at a BAFTA event, she says, "He's an extraordinary actor with amazing ability and just watching the first scenes come through ... I'm very excited."

Whovians have been wondering what Capaldi's Doctor will be like, but Moore doesn't delve into his personality. If the split-second cameo in "The Day of the Doctor" is any indication, he's certainly not the happy go lucky Doctor fans have seen in recent years.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images