'Doctor Who': Billie Piper game for spinoff with David Tennant

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When Billie Piper returned to "Doctor Who" for the 50th anniversary episode, many fans hoped that meant Rose Tyler would step aboard the TARDIS once again, reuniting with David Tennant. What they got was a character only John Hurt could see. Still, it was something special.

Could she return to the role she made famous down the road, though? During an appearance at Awesome Con, Piper was asked if she could star in a spinoff with Tennant's meta-crisis 10th Doctor, whom she was trapped with on a parallel earth. "That would be interesting," she says, according to Doctor Who TV. "I'd be game!"

While that sounds like a dream come true, don't expect it to happen. Both actors are pretty busy with work these days. Tennant's working on "Gracepoint," the American remake of "Broadchurch," while Piper is featured in Showtime's upcoming "Penny Dreadful."
Photo/Video credit: BBC