'Doctor Who': Leaked pictures from Amy and Rory's last episode

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Doctor-Who-Amy-Rory-Wedding.jpgThere have been some leaked photos from the set of Amy ( Karen Gillan) and Rory's ( Arthur Darville) final episode of "Doctor Who." They reveal the major villain, often considered the scariest in the Who-verse.

That is the only spoiler in the photos from Doctor Who TV, though it also appears that this episode takes place in the forties. Gillian, Darville and the Doctor himself, Matt Smith reportedly shot all night. Check out the videos below and try not to weep over the last time you'll see Mr. and Mrs. Pond.

There is also a video of the cast filming the scene these pictures are from, but YouTube has disabled the embed code. You can check it out here. Take a look at the spoiler-y pictures below and let us know your thoughts.


Photo/Video credit: Doctor Who TV/Doctor Who Spoilers