'Doctor Who': Matt Smith's Christmas special regeneration in GIFs

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One day later and the opinions about "Doctor Who's" Christmas special are deeply divided, but everyone can agree that Matt Smith's run as the Doctor was indeed epic. While you might have been confused about "The Time of the Doctor," or simply gave up on trying to follow the complicated story, you can appreciate still Smith's regeneration, which played out in the episode's final moments.

It may not have been the best regeneration, but it certainly was different. After all, the Doctor reached the end of his regeneration cycle, meaning everything starts fresh thanks to a little extra push from his home planet. Check out the different stages of the regeneration below, in animated GIF form.

First there was the old Doctor. He got to explode into a gold stream of light like those that came before him, taking out the Daleks in the process.

old-matt-smith-1.gif  old-matt-smith-2.gif

old-matt-smith-3.gif  old-matt-smith-4.gif

That wasn't the end of Smith's story, though. Instead of a new Doctor, his younger self appeared, with his physical traits resetting for the moment. He made his way back to the TARDIS and got into more familiar clothing. It's there that he has his final moments with Clara ( Jenna Coleman).

matt-smith-times-change.gif  matt-smith-times-change-2.gif

Then came time to say farewell to that old bow tie.

The final goodbye wouldn't have meant as much if it didn't come from Amy Pond ( Karen Gillan).

matt-smith-karen-gillan-1.gif  matt-smith-karen-gillan-2.gif

matt-smith-karen-gillan-3.gif  matt-smith-karen-gillan-4.gif

Then, before you knew it, he was gone and Peter Capaldi was here to stay.

Of course, it didn't take long to move past the emotion of the moment, right into silliness.

Photo/Video credit: BBC/Tumblr