'Doctor Who' meets 'Adventure Time': Fan mashup features 4 Doctors

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There was already one amazing "Doctor Who" mashup with "Adventure Time," that saw the animated series' characters put in a very Whovian situation. Now, another artist has gone in a different direction with the idea.

Alex Dempsey has released a series of drawing called "Adventure Time and Space" which reimagines the Doctor and his companions in the "Adventure Time" style. He pairs Nine with Rose, ten with Martha and Donna, Eleven with Amy and Rory and, finally, Twelve with Clara.

With all of these fan mashups, eventually some talented Whovian is going to have to create animated shorts. then the world will be complete.
doctor-who-adventure-time-10.jpg doctor-who-adventure-time-11.jpg
Photo/Video credit: Alex Dempsey