'Doctor Who' Season 7.5 spoiler photos: Clues to Clara's true identity?

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doctor-who-jenna-louise-coleman-matt-smith-series-7b-phantom-of-hex-bbc-america.jpgYou can't keep a good Time Lord down for long and "Doctor Who" will be back for eight new adventures in space and time beginning March 30 on BBC America. Unfortunately we don't have a TARDIS to take us directly to that date, so we'll have to make due with these fresh images from the upcoming batch of episodes.

The new run is technically the second half of the show's seventh season (or series, if you prefer) and will pick up directly after 2012's epic Christmas special. The premiere episode, "The Bells of St. John," promises to officially introduce Clara ( Jenna-Louise Coleman), the Doctor's mysterious new companion who he has previously met as two different people in two different time periods.

Confusing? Yeah, "Who" is like that, but fans are already eager to solve the mystery of Clara's true identity. So peep the pics below for hidden clues. (Warning: If you think this enigma will be easy to solve, you don't know "Who.")

The first two images are from the midseason premiere, "The Bells of St. John":

Written by Steven Moffat, the episode involves the Doctor finding something nefarious lurking in present day Wi-Fi signals:

doctor-who-jenna-louise-coleman-clara-matt-smith-series-7b-bells-of-st-john-bbc-america.jpgThe fourth episode looks to be a ghost story:

doctor-who-jenna-louise-coleman-matt-smith-series-7b-episode-4-bbc-america.jpgAnd features guest star Dougray Scott:

Classic "Doctor Who" villains the Ice Warriors are set to make their first appearance in the current run of the show in Season 7.5's third episode, set aboard a submarine:

doctor-who-ice-warriors-2013-series-7-bbc-america.jpgAnd a brand new villain will debut in episode 2:

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Photo/Video credit: BBC America