'Doctor Who's' Matt Smith transforms into an 'American Psycho': See the pics

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matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-3.jpg Matt Smith is putting away the fez and picking up the knife. The first pictures of the "Doctor Who" star in his role as Patrick Bateman in a musical adaptation of "American Psycho" have hit the web, and he looks pretty great as Bret Easton Ellis' infamous serial killer.

Broadway.com posted the first images of Smith in full Patrick Bateman attire. It will likely take until a video is shown of Smith in character as Bateman for us to stop looking at him as the Doctor, and it's hard to ignore the funny irony of a story called "American Psycho" getting its start in London starring the leading man from a British children's show.

Still, it's exciting to see Smith trying something so different from "Doctor Who" so soon after his time on the show came to an end. Smith's big farewell episode will be in the "Doctor Who" Christmas special, "The Time of the Doctor," which airs Dec. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on BBC America. He also opted for Ryan Gosling's directorial debut "How To Catch a Monster" as his first post-"Doctor Who" film project. It seems Smith is excited to go dark now that his time with "Who" is at an end.

Of "American Psycho," Smith tells Radio Times, "It's a bizarre challenge, especially as I've never sung before. I thought, why not give it a stab ... foolishly. I mean, it's not like other musicals -- which is why I took it. It's difficult and challenging."

This production of "American Psycho" featuring Smith officially opens at the Almeida Theatre on Dec. 12, and will run through Jan. 25. What do you think of Smith's new look as Patrick Bateman?

matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-2.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-4.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-5.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-6.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-7.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-9.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-8.jpg matt-smith-american-psycho-doctor-who-10.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Broadway.com