Dog nurses Liger ('mythical creatures bred for their skill in magic') cubs

liger-cub.jpgOkay, so they aren't really 'mythical creatures bred for their skill in magic,' as Napoleon Dynamite (a mythical creature bred for his skill in funny) would say. The half lion/half tiger hybrid actually exists when a male lion and a female tigress mate in captivity. There is also a "tiglon" -- the product of a male tiger/female lion union.

Two liger cubs were recently born at China's Xixiakou Wildlife Zoo. But a few days after birth the tiger mother (kind of like a dragon mother, but with stripes) abandoned the cubs.

Not to worry. In stepped one black dog who also recently gave birth to her own litter. In the footage below watch as the liger cubs -- who are pretty durn cute -- nurse side-by-side with her own puppies.

Man-made inter-species cooperation at its finest.

Napoleon Dynamite's version:


Photo/Video credit: AP/Fox Searchlight