Dog the Bounty Hunter hospitalized; Singer Mario arrested for assault on mom

dog-bounty-hunter-mario.jpgOn a lazy Sunday morning, we feed you some celebrity news, one by one like grapes:

Call the vet. Duane "Dog" Chapman was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center Saturday night (Oct. 2) for internal bleeding sustained while he was out bounty hunting. [ TMZ]

On the other side of the law, R&B singer Mario was busted early Friday (Oct. 1) for allegedly assaulting his mom, who's been known to struggle with heroin addiction. She claims he struck her at trashed their apartment. He's out on bail. [ Baltimore Herald]

Las Vegas cops have something on "Nothing on You" singer Bruno Mars. They charged him with felony possession of a controlled substance following his arrest at the Hard Rock Hotel on the strip when he was allegedly found with 2.6 grams of cocaine in the bathroom. [ Las Vegas Review-Journal]