Dolly Parton: 'Glee'? Yes. 'Dancing With the Stars'? Not so much.

dolly-parton-trinkets-and-treasures.jpg Dolly Parton would gladly guest on "Glee."

"I have seen bits and pieces of it," she says. "It looks fantastic."

"If it has a dang thing to do with music, I would do it," she says. "I can't dance. They're always coming to me for that 'Dancing with the Stars' and I won't do that."

Which is too bad since recent "DWTS" contestant Pam Anderson proved that being top-heavy doesn't necessarily mean you can't go far.

If the McKinley High School gang were going to a Dolly-inspired episode, she recommends they sing, "'9 to 5.' That would be a wonderful one for a fun dance.

"'I Will Always Love You' if they have romantic scenes."

Yes, kids "I Will Always Love You" was originally a Dolly Parton song, not Whitney Houston.