'Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding': Kim Zolciak or her dog -- who rocks the wig better?

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chanel-dog-wig-kim-zolciak-real-hair-dont-be-tardy-for-the-wedding-bravo.jpgOn Thursday's (May 10) episode of "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding," Kim Zolciak is worried her mom, Karen, is going to embarrass her in front of celebrity wedding planner extraordinaire Colin Cowie and, in turn, overshadow her big day. But really, Kim should be much more worried about someone else stealing her wedding thunder -- her dog, Chanel.

Kim says she heard it's bad luck for the bride to walk down the aisle at the rehearsal, so she's decided that her pup, Chanel, will go in her place -- while wearing a blonde wig and a wedding gown, naturally. And Chanel works that wig.

"PETA's going to have a field day," Kim's best friend and matron of honor Jen says.

Check out the pooch in action in the clip below.

Who do you think rocks the blonde wig better: Kim or Chanel?
Photo/Video credit: Bravo