Doris Day: Happy 89th (we think) birthday, lady

doris-day-88.jpgTuesday (April 3) is Doris Day's birthday. But, depending on who you ask, her actual age is up for debate. Most think it's now 89, but others claim the singer/actress was actually born in 1924, which would make her a youngster at 88.

NPR's Terry Gross interviewed Day for a chat that aired on Monday and TCM is playing Day movies  -- including several with frequent co-star Rock Hudson -- throughout the week.

Looking for more permanence? Warmer Home Video released a four-DVD set this week featuring Day's biggest flicks and a new Day CD featuring 31 songs "curated by Day herself" is also making a bow.

In her interview with NPR, Day reflected on the success of her song "Que Sera Sera":

"I thought that was wonderful, because it became that because of children. And then I understood it. Because it was for our child in the movie. Then I realized, maybe it isn't a favorite song of mine, but people loved it. And kids loved it. And it was perfect for the film. So I can't say that it's a favorite song of mine, but, boy, it sure did something."
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images