'Downton Abbey's' Hugh Bonneville to guest-star on 'Galavant'

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Can Lord Grantham sing? Audiences better hope so since "Downton Abbey" actor Hugh Bonneville has signed on guest-star on ABC's upcoming musical-comedy "Galavant."

According to TVLine, Bonneville will play a pirate king, Peter the Pillager. The brave and noble and melodious Sir Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and his entourage will come across this rogue in their travels.

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"Galavant," which is very much a musical in the Broadway style, focuses on a knight, Galavant, out to reclaim his honor and whatnot after an evil king stole his girlfriend. The show is expected to premiere in the winter of 2015, airing its short season in the "Once Upon a Time" hiatus.

Photo/Video credit: PBS