'Downton Abbey' meets 'Breaking Bad' in 'Breaking Abbey' on 'The Colbert Report'

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breaking-abbey-colbert-report-comedy-central.jpgHere's something we never thought we'd see: "Downton Abbey" stars Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter and Rob James-Collier cooking and selling meth à la "Breaking Bad."

That's the hilarious premise of the following video from last night's "The Colbert Report," which drafted Bonneville (Lord Grantham), Carter (Mr. Carson) and James-Collier (Thomas) for a perfectly scripted parody of both their "Downton" characters and the world of "Breaking Bad."

We're not sure how much crossover audience there is between the two shows, but since they're two of the best dramas currently on TV (and both just earned Golden Globe nominations for best drama series), we appreciated the unlikely mash-up.

Check it out below (warning, there's some NSFW dirty language):

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central