'Downton Abbey' Season 3 clips: Sybil and Tom arrive, Martha wants to help with wedding plans

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The "Downton Abbey" Season 3 premiere is still months away for us States-side Downtonites, so we have to muddle through by scooping every little bit of Season 3 footage we can. Luckily, the BBC has just released this "Downton" featurette that has a few new snippets of the Crawley family and their cohorts.

Martha Levinson ( Shirley MacLaine) arrives and like any good busybody grandmother, immediately sticks her nose into the arrangements for Lady Mary's pending nuptials -- "Now Mary, dearest Mary. You tell me all of your wedding plans and I'll see what I can do to improve them."

It's also pretty delightful to see Tom and Sybil's arrival -- good on Cora, Mary and Edith for being so welcoming. We imagine both Sybil's father Lord Grantham and pseudo-grandfather Carson will be a bit harder to win over.

"Downton Abbey" premieres this Sunday, Sept. 16 in the U.K. and Jan. 6, 2013 in the U.S.
Photo/Video credit: ITV