'Downton Abbey' Season 3 premiere: Mary's wedding dress debate and more tweets

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downton-abbey-season-3-premiere-mary-matthew-wedding.jpg "Downton Abbey" returned with a mother-in-law, a wedding and financial troubles for the Crawley family. If you'd like our thoughts on the premiere of Season 3, check them out here from when it premiered in the U.K.

Instead of a recap, we've brought you the very best tweets from around the Twitterverse while the premiere aired. Enjoy!

Episode 1

  • "I'm in a First Line of Downton Abbey Pool. If it's "Get your own f***ing tea" I win $30!" - Seth Meyers
  • "Anybody know what channel that program Down Town Abby is on tonight? (Now look at my @ replies)" - Eric Stonestreet
  • "Laura Linney is the #gossipgirl of #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS" -- Scott Rising
  • "Ok, time for the best guilty pleasure on TV - "Downton Abbey." And hopefully the play-by-play commentary on Twitter from @pattonoswalt" -- Michael Moore
  • "Hmmm, new footman may be afoot.... #DowntonPBS" -- Lawrence Library
  • "I sort of wish that they would just kill Bates already, his angst is so annoying. #DowntonPBS" -- Oh Dotty
  • "O'Brien's bangs (aka fringe) have lost some of their hoop-dee-doo. #DowntonPBS" -- Drum Diva
  • "Quick, someone start the @hobbledeehoy account. Make it worthy. #downtonPBS" -- Hugo schwyzer
  • "sir anthony is terrifying. those eyes. stop it. #downtonpbs" -- Nicole Anegon
  • "'Weddings can be reminders of one's loneliness.' Co-sign #DowntonPBS" -- Kay Leviner
  • "Daisy is going to unionize this b****. #DowntonPBS" -- Lil Nerdette
  • "Glad to see so many people enjoying PBS right now. Wonder what Mitt Romney's watching? #downtonpbs" -- Ewing Web
  • "Sybil, I know a good lawyer in case you want to sue SuperCuts. #DowntonPBS" -- Nathan Deschaine
  • "Jeez, Matthew just inherits s*** all over the d*** place, doesn't he? #DowntonPBS" -- Erin M. Harris
  • "Wow. It's awfully early for a deus ex machina. #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS" -- Amy G.
  • "HOLD UP. Two inherited fortunes? Oh wait, Downton is poor now. So...lose some money, inherit some more. Cool. #DowntonPBS" -- Alanna Stapleton
  • "i cancelled cable over a year ago. this is the only night i have regretted it. #DowntonPBS" -- Sarah Carter
  • "Poor Matthew always being left massive fortunes #downtonabbey #DowntonPBS" -- Cummings Goings
  • "Mary's golddigging already and she isn't even married to Matthew. #downtonabbey #DowntonPBS" -- Vivacious Virgo
  • "I love Cora at this moment. What a perfect reaction to the unfortunate news #DowntonPBS #DowntonAbbey" -- Jenna Golden
  • "Edith is the Meg Griffin of the Crawley family #DowntonPBS" -- Kayla Billadeau
  • "Don't disappoint me Sybil? Branson you are kind of a jerk #DowntonPBS" -- Ginntastic
  • "Branson and Matthew are sort of adorable BFFs. #bromance #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions
  • "You can tell that prison is terrible because the lighting and hat choices are so terrible #DowntonPBS" -- Tyler Shiney
  • "Anna really needs her own beauty shop. Edith's hair is banging. #DowntonPBS @MasterpiecePBS" -- KM Jackson
  • "Have you seen The Crawley's Kickstater Page? #DowntonPBS" -- Paul Winkler
  • "Pretty Edith.. I hope she marries the older man.. He seems nice #DowntonPBS" -- K.B.
  • "Cue Roberta Flack's "Where Is The Love?" Whatever O'Brien and Thomas had is officially dead. #DowntonPBS" -- Claire She Goes
  • "I want to do something jolly with MY hair. #Downtonpbs" -- Jennifer Abella
  • "Matthew Crawley is his own brand of McDreamy. #DowntonPBS" -- Jennifer Schaefer
  • "Oh ~ I do love those boys who love those Crawley Girls. Sir Antony proves his knighthood is genuine, Matthew, Tom Branson" -- KD Caulfeild
  • "'He has no say in it?' 'No. And nor do you.' The Dowager Countess runs this town. #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions
  • "Q: Edith still no one special? A: How can I find the time? I spend every waking hour plotting the downfall of my horrid sister. #DowntonPBS" -- ThirteenNY
  • "Maggie Smith, speaking in a stern voice, could literally shame me into doing anything. Like, it's scary to think about. #DowntonPBS" -- Megan Lello
  • "Grandmama....doesn't even hold a candle to the dowager duchess...#DowntonPBS" -- Samantha Greenawald
  • "Look, Matthew, if Cora's money can get sucked up by Lord Grantham, you can let yours get sucked up by Mary. #DowntonPBS" -- Erin M. Harris
  • "Is it just me, or did Bates get better looking? Prison becomes him. #downtonPBS #freebates" -- Librarian Kate
  • "'Why do you have to be so *disappointing*?' That's way harsh, Tai. #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS" -- Alyssa Lynne
  • "Well, Mary, if you're not going to take Matthew's integrity as a gift to humanity, then I WILL. Step aside. #DowntonPBS" -- Lil Nerdette
  • "Well, Mary, if you're not going to take Matthew's integrity as a gift to humanity, then I WILL. Step aside. #DowntonPBS" -- Pamela!
  • "Mary is such a Kardashian #downtonPBS" -- Maggie May Jones
  • "It's not a wedding if the bride's not in tears about something.... #DowntonPBS" -- Jennifer Abella
  • "I love that Dowager Countess has a Smithers. Is she a female Mr. Burns? #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Jesse Bacon
  • "'Like all ladies' maids, she lives for intrigue.' Everything out of Maggie Smith's mouth is gold. #DowntonPBS #Downton" -- Kvetching Yenta
  • "I'm not sure Lady Mary Crawley really understands metaphors about public transit, Anna. #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Samwise TV
  • "No other show can make scream, curse, squee, and go "AWWWH" all in one hour. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe
  • "Lady Mary has waaaayyyyyy toooooooooo much drama going on all the time. Exhausting. #downtonPBS" -- Sew Craftful
  • "Has Cora forgotten that Mary killed a man with her lady-parts a while ago? #downtonabbey #downtonPBS" -- Deborah Lewis
  • "Cora and Mary's sex talk is the greatest thing that has ever happened on TV in the history of time #DowntonPBS #science #fun" -- Ann Marie Lonsdale
  • "Love and position in one handsome package...who could ask for anything more. Catty catty Edith! #downtonpbs" -- Brandi Fitzpatrick
  • "Carson's look of love to #LadyMary. #downtonpbs" -- Ty DeMartino
  • "Ok, I just saw Mary as a bride through Carson's eyes and I started to tear up. #DowntonPBS" -- Jennifer Keegin
  • "Mary's wedding dress.... hmmm where is Vera Wang when you need her? #downtonPBS" -- Chris VanCleave
  • "This might just be the most boring soap wedding EVER. I hope somebody objects. #DowntonPBS" -- Gavin Craig
  • "I normally love Edwardian fashions, but that dress makes Mary look like a sack of potatoes. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe
  • "Shirley MacLaine and Branson were both pretty lazily written this ep. One note character much? #downtonpbs" -- Erin Downey Howerton
  • "wait what just happened #downtonPBS seriously is that how the British deal with marriage scenes?" -- Matt O'Connell
  • "I think Julian Fellowes missed an opportunity not to show the vows. #writerinme #downton" -- Gwyn Cready

Episode 2

  • "Men in tuxedos sitting around petting dogs. #DowntonPBS" -- Revetta
  • "'No guest should be admitted without their date of departure settled.' So true. #DowntonPBS" -- Meredith Dabek
  • "I'm having a love/hate relationship with no commercial breaks. #Ineedtourinate #DowntonPBS" -- Kevin Swan
  • "Isobel's work is more sensical and charitable than how we deal with people working the streets now. @masterpiecepbs #DowntonPBS" -- Farin Rebecca Loeb
  • "The new footman and the American maid need to get together. It's like Wednesday Adams and Lurch #hot #downtonpbs" -- Amadeo Luna
  • "So many good quotes in #DowntonAbbey tonight I can't write them down fast enough! #DowntonPBS" -- Teresa Frontado
  • "The last man Anna saw in Mary's bed was dead, so this is a vast improvement. #DowntonPBS #DowntonAbbey" -- Alyssa Lynne
  • "Fantastic. Ethel is now a prostitute. Raise your hand if you're honestly surprised. Nobody? That's what I thought. #downtonpbs" -- Kristina Muskiewicz
  • "Edith needs a copy of "He's Just Not That Into You" #DowntonPBS" -- Nicole Fonsh
  • "Poor Mrs. Hughes! A lump in your breast is scary in 2012 but in 1920 it must have been terrifying. #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS" -- Downton Dame
  • "Edith just put on her big girl panties and gave Sir Anthony an ultimatum #DowntonPBS" -- Hannah Easter
  • "I want this series to end with Lady Edith just gunning down everyone at Downton and driving away in a car laughing maniacally #DowntonPBS" -- Alex E. Hoopes
  • "Every episode should feature Mary and the Dowager Countess plotting about something. Dream. Team. #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions
  • "So, Thomas and Alfred are going to fall in love. I'm calling it right now. #DowntonPBS" -- Alanna Stapleton
  • "Sorry, Carson. Don't let me cancer get in the way of a proper dinner. #downton #downtonPBS" -- Gwyn Cready
  • "Honestly there should just be a "PSA: DON'T LISTEN TO THOMAS ABOUT ANYTHING" sign in the #DowntonAbbey kitchen at all times. #downtonpbs" -- Telly Visions
  • "Jeez, he's not THAT old. What's the big deal? #DowntonAbbey #DowntonPBS" -- Deborah Lewis
  • "OBrien created a monster and now the monster has turned on her. #DowntonPBS" -- The Very Living End
  • "Why on earth did Robert just talk himself out of getting rid of Edith? PLEASE, SIR ANTONY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE HER. #DowntonPBS" -- Corrie
  • "'Oh Papa how could you.' She's right. #TeamEdith @masterpiecepbs #DowntonPBS" -- Farin Rebecca Loeb
  • "The committee on Preventing Edith's Happiness resolves to kill off her boyfriend, put thumbtacks in her shoes. #DowntonPBS" -- Jennifer Bennink
  • "Oh Thomas, you pissed off O'Brien. You may want to shoot your other hand or something because you are screwed. #DowntonPBS" -- Melanie
  • "It's not weird that Daisy's attracted to a guy who looks exactly like her dead husband, right? #DowntonPBS" -- Helon Wheelz
  • "Strallan's letter is probably the equivalent of getting dumped via text. #ouch #hadtobedone #downtonpbs" -- Karin Chen
  • "Hey Robert. Your other daughter married HER COUSIN and you're upset about an oldie? #DowntonPBS" -- Kaitlyn
  • "It feels like this is the upper-class British version of "Fiddler on the Roof." #Tradition #DowntonPBS" -- Abby Queen of All
  • "Why can't Bates get in a prison brawl or something? Bates and Anna have become insufferably boring. #DowntonPBS" -- Amy Wilson
  • "Mosley runs up to the big house like a rookie taking his first at-bat in the bigs. #DowntonPBS" -- Emily Dagger
  • "Blood is thicker than water. Thomas has crossed O'Brien with the nephew. Gird your loins everyone. #DowntonPBS" -- Paula Ebben
  • "Part of me hopes Bates gets shived in prison. #DowntonPBS" -- Sofia Tokar
  • "This dinner is like the titanic, only worse #DowntonPBS" -- Rose Naughtin
  • "Edith just needs to hold a radio over her head outside of Sir Anthony's window. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe
  • "No oven or formal dress! It's a #downtonocalypse! #downtonabbey #downtonpbs" -- Jesse Bacon
  • "Oh man, Edith! He's gonna get in a car wreck on the way home-nobody will believe he proposed! Tell them tonight! #DowntonPBS" -- Mumzie Pooh
  • "Really, Sir Anthony, she can't know how much she means to you when every turn you don't fight for her. #downtonpbs" -- Erica Monroe
  • "'You don't mind that she's fast and you won't see her again?' They never do, Daisy. Sorry. @masterpiecepbs #DowntonPBS #life" -- Farin Rebecca Loeb
  • ""The Chaos of Gomorrah" is the name of my Downton Abbey themed death metal band #DowntonPBS" -- Oracle
  • "I feel like a whole season's worth of stuff has happened in this episode. #DowntonPBS" -- MKR Mich

Photo/Video credit: PBS