'Downton Abbey' Season 4 trailer: Kissing and tears

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ITV has premiered the first trailer for "Downton Abbey" Season 4, which focuses heavily on Lady Mary having to move on after Matthew's death, plus a glimpse of several new characters, lots of kissing and lots of tears, which is hardly a surprise for "Downton."

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Notably, we see Mr. Bates crying, which jibes with what Joanne Froggatt tells Zap2it about the upcoming season -- "[Bates and Anna] do start off Season 4 happy, but as always in 'Downton,' there are some trials and tribulations ahead. The usual highs and lows that we expect from all the different characters. We've got nice stories this year."

The fourth season premieres in the U.K. in mid-September, while us U.S. fans will have to wait until Jan. 5, 2014.
Photo/Video credit: ITV