Drew Barrymore, Emily Blunt, Christina Hendricks: Vote for Best Golden Globes Skin Show!

drew-barrymore-globes.jpgThe hottest accessories on the drizzly Golden Globes red carpet Sunday night?

 A. Umbrellas for the downpour of rain that almost washed out the stars, photographers and reporters.

  B. Haiti flag ribbons to show support for the Haitian quake victims.

There were also quite a few very sexy flesh-colored, pale peach and pink gowns worn by the likes of "Grey Gardens" winner  Drew Barrymore,  "The Young Victoria" nominee Emily Blunt, "Mad Men" sta r Christina Hendricks, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Miss Golden Globes Mavis Spencer and even George Clooney's new Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. 

Below are three of our  favorites. Who do you think gave us the best skin show?