Drew Carey's jogging injury; pal Colin Mochrie makes a mockery

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drew-carey-colin-mochrie-getty.jpg "The Price is Right" host Drew Carey had a bit of a jogging accident Tuesday (Aug. 16). He tweeted to his followers, "Hey everyone! Had to cancel #TPIR tapings today. I fell while running this AM and separated my clavicle. Be back tomorrow though!"

Yikes. But in another example of why we love Twitter, Drew included a picture of his separated clavicle along with, "A pic of my xray. Haven't even had a pain pill yet! (But I'm due. Still waiting on them.)." Awesome. He also says, "Just saw doctor. No surgery needed. No "snapping into place". Just ice and time... Oh, and I'll probably have a lump w/out surgery."

And in yet another example of why Twitter is great, Drew's old pal Colin Mochrie from " Whose Line is it Anyway?" tweeted at him, " @DrewFromTV I had a broken ankle, wrist and pelvis on Season 4 of Whose Line. P****! Take care friend."

Drew has recently lost over 80 lbs in response to being diagnosed with type II diabetes, so apparently running is one of the way he shed the pounds. Good for him. We hope you get well soon, Drew!

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images