'Drop Dead Diva' first look: Does 'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka actually make it to the altar?

drop-dead-diva-lifetime-jake-pavelka-320.jpgThe newly single former "Bachelor," Jake Pavelka, may be blurring the lines between fantasy and reality in his upcoming guest role on " Drop Dead Diva."

Pavelka plays Toby Davlin, the bachelor on a dating show called "Finding the One." After Toby breaks "Weeping Wendy's" ("Las Vegas'" Camille Guaty) heart, she sues the show's producer for intentionally inflicting emotional pain on her by editing clips of her constantly crying.

In the images below, it looks like Toby gets close to the altar, but, ah, no dice:

drop-dead-diva-lifetime-jake-pavelka-camille-guaty.jpg drop-dead-diva-lifetime-jake-pavelka-camille-guaty-2.jpg drop-dead-diva-lifetime-jake-pavelka-camille-guaty-3.jpg drop-dead-diva-lifetime-jake-pavelka-camille-guaty-4.jpg
Pavelka and Guaty's episode of "Drop Dead Diva" airs Sunday, August 22 on Lifetime.

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Photo credit: LIfetime