'Duck Dynasty' corn maze: Uncle Si's face makes crop circle

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uncle-si-corn-maze-duck-dynasty-fb.jpgThis ain't your average, everyday crop circle, folks. A Georgia couple has carved a seven-acre corn maze into the shape of "Duck Dynasty" star, Silas Robertson (aka Uncle Si).

Using a mobile app called Farm Scene Investigation, Misty and Lamar Duren of Corn Dawgs Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in Loganville, Ga. expect visitors to spend around two-hours navigating through Uncle Si's 3.5 mile long beard. And don't forget his signature saying, "Hey Jack," which is part of the corn carving.

Misty tells the Gwinnett Daily Post the initial plan was to carve a maze depicting all of the stars of the hit A&E reality show. But it proved too daunting a task for the farm plow. "So we went with Si because he's my favorite," Misty says.

The maze opens to the public Sept. 22 and closes Oct. 3.
Photo/Video credit: Facebook