'Duck Dynasty': First look at MAD Magazine's parody of the family prayer

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No one is safe from the long arm of MAD Magazine, not even the Robertson family. The magazine is setting its sights on "Duck Dynasty" for the December 2013 issue and it's hunting season. The cover for the issue was released on the show's Facebook page, and now comes the first look inside.

Within the pages of the issue, "Duck Dynasty's" weekly family prayer is parodied and it's quite a bit longer than what you'll see on TV, because there's a few things about the show to poke a little fun at. One of the funnier points it makes is how you don't really see the family making duck calls, even though that's what their dynasty is built on. They're also thankful for low reality TV standards, of course.

The drawing shows the family sitting down for a dinner of the animals they've hunted, including the dearly departed Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Check out the sneak peek of the issue, which is on newsstands October 22 or available via subscription, below:

Photo/Video credit: MAD/DC