'Duck Dynasty' recap: Top 5 'Hot Tub Grime Machine' moments in Vine form

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duck-dynasty-hot-tub-grime-machine-ae.jpg "Duck Dynasty" Season 4, Episode 3 is "Hot Tub Grime Machine," wherein we follow the hijinx of the Duck Commander crew as John Godwin fulfills his dream of owning a hot tub -- after Uncle Si helps Jase Robertson, Willie Robertson and crew build a new fishing pier, that is. 

In order to really share the full effect of Wednesday night's (Aug. 28) episode, Zap2it decided to Vine the five best moments for you. 


1) Uncle Si does a cannonball

2) Godwin, you want a what?

3) Uncle Si practices air traffic control

4) Unloading the hot tub

5) "A nude and rude man"

"Duck Dynasty" airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E.
Photo/Video credit: A&E