Duggar mom gets makeover: '19 Kids and Counting's' Michelle cuts her hair!

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michelle-duggar-makeover-before-and-after.jpgThe Duggar women and girls on "19 Kids and Counting" usually maintain the same hairstyles -- long, curly locks with straight bangs. But for Michelle Duggar's 46 birthday, her kids surprised her with a makeover when her friend Cindy stopped by to give her a makeover after 40 years with the same look.

"Everything is very subtle, except what's on the floor," Cindy assured Michelle as the stylist chopped off eight inches of hair and gave her a sleek blowout at Fresh Hair Salon.

"Oh, wow," Michelle said when she saw herself in the mirror. "It's definitely different."

While her daughters thought she looked "amazing," Michelle's husband Jim Bob wasn't particularly pleased. "I do like it longer," he said. "I do like it longer."

Ultimately, though, Michelle's not into the upkeep of straight hair -- she's sticking with the natural curls and plans to grow it out again.

What do you think of the makeover?
Photo/Video credit: Fresh Hair Salon