Dylan Sprouse responds to new photo leak, posts personal nude pic

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Though former "Suite Life of Zack & Cody" star Dylan Sprouse was quick to confirm his first batch of nude photos, he isn't doing the same for the more explicit images that recent leaked. According to him, these ones aren't real.

"The new pics are photoshopped guys, come on, if they were real you would see that I in fact have TWO penises...all twins do," he posts to his Tumblr. Prior to that, he had joked that this "420 everyday" image was "another (hyper realistic) leaked photograph." (Note: It's not.)

Following that denial of the second batch of nude pics, Sprouse put a new naked image of himself and his brother Cole Sprouse on his Tumblr. The repost of someone else's blog shows the pair as children holding one another in a metal bucket. It's so adorable, there's no wonder this is an image he is keen to share.

Photo/Video credit: Tumblr