Don Felder on life with the Eagles: sex, drugs and ... hissy fits?

DonfelderHoward Stern spoke to ex-Eagles Don Felder this morning about his book, ''Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001).''

Apparently, Felder contends that his bandmates were angry, competitive and egomaniacal, and everyone did a lot of drugs and banged a lot of you-know-whats.

Drums, yeah, drums. That's the ticket. And he once thought Keith Richards was dead. Well, who hasn't?

How is this news?

And yes, the band did try to stop the book from being published. But why bother?

Anyway, here are snippets of the on-air conversation taken from the transcribed interview on, a Howard Stern fan website (click here for the full transcript).

"Howard told Don that he remembers Don telling Joe Walsh something at a concert one time that made him crack up. Don said that they used to do drugs back then and if they had a little crystal meth on your nose you'd say ''you're showing.''

"Howard asked Don if he was out on the road cheating while his wife was home with their kid.:

"Don said that he had a really religious upbringing and he was dragged into drugs and promiscuity. He said that he didn't get addicted to drugs but did his fair share of them. He did cocaine and some other stuff like that. He said that everyone was high back then though."

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