Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell misses practice, helps Ryan Howard with ankle injury

krystle-campbell.jpg Krystle Campbell, a Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, upset her cheer mates when she missed some practice sessions and spent time with her boyfriend, injured Phillies slugger Ryan Howard, in St. Louis.

"All our cheerleaders adhere to the same guidelines. No exceptions," Eagles cheerleader director Barbara Zaun tells the Philadelphia Inquirer, about  Campbell's absence.

Campbell did not inform her coaches why she was going MIA but she will not face discipline action.

Cheerleaders are only supposed to miss practice for illness or a family death. However, it's not like she was on a vacation or partying with her man.

Campbell, who has been an Eagles girl for six years, was spotted helping Howard to the Rothman Institute at Jefferson Hospital in St. Louis.