Earth Day: Sarah Hyland, Amy Smart try to be funny about it

sarah-hyland-earth-day.jpgSunday (April 22) is Earth Day -- the day we pause to consider the general well-being of our home planet and vow to do a better job of being environmentally friendly. Many celebrities are big proponents of Earth Day, including "Modern Family's" Sarah Hyland -- who co-stars in a new Funny or Die clip that attempts to raise Earth Day awareness with a little humor.

In the video, Hyland is one of several people who attempt to kill, maim or otherwise damage a woman who is playing "Mother Earth." Hyland's contribution to the damage is a chainsaw thrown into Mother Earth's back. But, despite all the horrible things Hyland -- and other celebs like Amy Smart and Josh Sussman -- do to her, she keeps getting back up.

Then, at the end, she rises -- zombie like and says "Don't f*** with Mother Earth."

What do you think -- although this video's heart is in the right place, is it an effective Earth Day message?
Photo/Video credit: Funny or Die?