'Eastbound & Down' Season 4 episode 6 clip: Kenny Powers' male bonding moment with his son

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Season 4 of "Eastbound & Down" has featured a different Kenny Powers ( Danny McBride) as he rediscovers his fame after spending some time as a family man in the suburbs. Of course, famous Kenny is as ridiculous as he ever was, except now there are kids in the mix.

In a new clip from Sunday's (November 3) episode, Powers has a little man-to-man chat with his son, Toby, about how April ( Katy Mixon) is being "a little crazy." "Maybe she just sucks," he says, "Maybe I just married someone who sucks." Toby looks utterly confused as he counts a huge stack of money.

It's the final season of the show, so get all the Kenny Powers you can handle while you can. "Eastbound & Down" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.
Photo/Video credit: HBO