'Easy A' star Emma Stone is the new Sandra Bullock. Just trust us

You may or may not remember Emma Stone from her previous films, "Paper Man," "Zombieland," "The House Bunny," or "Superbad,"

But you won't forget her after seeing her deft and delightful performance in the new high school comedy, "Easy A." Chatting with her at the film's recent junket, the Dish Rag found out why Emma was dying to land the plum lead role.

"A friend of mine, a producer, had seen this script and knew me pretty well and was cool enough to send it to me. I kept an eye on it and once it was optioned for Screen Gems... i was the first audition, so that was pretty cool. But I still had some nail-biting.. I'm so lucky that it ended up like this because it usually doesn't."