Eating champ charged for drugs - Say it isn't so 'El Wingador'

bill-simmons-el-wingador-arrested-on-drug-charges-new-jersey-state-police.jpgA five-time hot wing eating champion has been indicted on drug charges, originally filed last June, in New Jersey. Bill Simmons, known in the competitive eating world as "El Wingador," has been hit with a lengthy list of charges related to manufacturing and distributing cocaine, according to the Washington Post.

El Wingador won Philadelphia's Wing Bowl five times, last taking the title in 2005, after eating an astounding 162 hot wings in 30 minutes. Sadly, it seems the thrill of stuffing chicken into his face just wasn't enough for El Wingador anymore. The one-time hero to gluttons everywhere has seemingly become a villain, turning to a life of crime.

Police had been investigating El Wingador about a month prior to his arrest. When they picked him up he was allegedly in possession of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine.

El Wingador last competed in Wing Bowl 20 in 2012, coming in third place, eating a grand total of 250 wings. The winner of that competition was noted competitive eating champion,  Takeru Kobayashi, who ate a disturbing 337 wings.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images/New Jersey State Police