Ed Sheeran poses with 'Sesame Street' characters during episode filming

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Ed Sheeran will soon be taking his special brand of charm to "Sesame Street." The British crooner and Taylor Swift BFF posted pictures of himself filming on the children's program for an episode to air in 2014.

The episode was shot on Halloween, and one the pictures Sheeran posted shows him playing in a band with Elmo, Grover, Abby and Murray Monster. "Finally got a band," he writes on Instagram.

Sheeran is just the latest big celebrity to stop by "Sesame Street," and many have also been sharing their vocal talents. Usher sang one of the catchiest alphabet songs ever while in another Peter Dinklage shared a song about Simon Says. "Sesame Street" has been giving its take on pop songs as well, as Cookie Monster recently covered Icona Pop's "I Love It."



Photo/Video credit: Instagram