Eddie Izzard moves to 'United States of Tara,' Greg Grunberg holding out for 'Heroes' movie

eddie-izzard-getty-320.jpgEnjoy some TV snacks before bedtime. It won't keep you up.

Eddie Izzard ("The Riches") will have a "major recurring role" on the third season of "United States of Tara" next year. He'll play a psych professor who becomes fascinated with Tara's ( Toni Collette) case. [ Deadline]

Greg Grunberg has a new regular TV gig on NBC's midseason series "Love Bites," but he still thinks it makes "business sense" to do some kind of "Heroes" wrapup -- a movie, maybe. [ PopWrap]

ABC Family has a new president in Michael Riley, who moves to the TV side of the biz from Radio Disney. Riley replaces Paul Lee, who took over as head of ABC Entertainment a few weeks ago. [ ABC Family]

Are you ready for some football? Brad Pitt is. The Big Easy booster is narrating "America's Game: 2009 New Orleans Saints," a documentary about the Saints' Super Bowl run last year. [ NFL Network]