Eddie Murphy set for 'Twins' sequel 'Triplets'

Eddie-Murphy.jpgIt's never too late for a movie franchise to have its shot at resurrection.

Now, 24 years after "Twins" -- the comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito as unlikely brothers -- debuted, a sequel is reportedly in the offing that would add Eddie Murphy to the mix as a third brother.

All three actors are reportedly attached to star in the sequel -- tentatively titled "Triplets," reports THR, though a director hasn't yet been named and the idea is being floated to writers to develop into a script.

Could this finally be the vehicle to put Murphy back on top since his last two releases, " Tower Heist" and "A Thousand Words" emphatically did not? And does this mean there's hope for a "Vampire in Brooklyn" redux?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images