Eight new 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I' pictures

breaking-dawn-new-1.jpg "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" has started the ramp-up to its November 2011 release. Last week there were some new photos released and Monday (May 2) there are a new batch of production stills. It looks like there are a few new shots of Bella ( Kristen Stewart) and Edward ( Robert Pattinson) on their honeymoon.

There are also a couple shots that could be from various scenes and then there are our favorites - the one of the Volturi that includes Michael Sheen and Jamie Campbell Bower and the one of Ashley Greene's Alice Cullen does Bella's hair.

Are you getting excited for the final two installments of the "Twilight" franchise? "Breaking Dawn Part I" hits theaters Nov. 18, 2011 and "Breaking Dawn Part II" is scheduled for Nov. 16, 2012. A whole year in between? Nooooo!

breaking-dawn-new-3.jpg breaking-dawn-new-4.jpg


Photo/Video credit: Summit Entertainment