'Elementary' Season 1 finale preview: Will Irene's return lead to Moriarty's reveal?

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The game is afoot on "Elementary" leading into the Sherlock reboot's Season 1 finale. Now that Holmes has discovered his former love Irene Adler (guest star Natalie Dormer) isn't dead, there are quite a few questions that need to be answered.

Could Moriarty's identity be one of those? Creator and executive producer Rob Doherty teased during a conference call that the man Sherlock has been speaking to on the phone may or may not be his arch-nemesis. "I know there was a lot of speculation as to whether that was the real Moriarty, so I'd like that to sit for another week," Doherty said coyly. He later added that the writing team conceived the character as someone they could "tease and tease until the time is right to reveal him."

That said, the mystery of what actually happened to Irene will definitely be addressed. "Irene has been through quite an ordeal," Doherty reveals. "We will learn within the first five minutes of next week's episode what exactly she's been through -- which is a lot."

Check out a preview of the "Elementary" finale, airing May 16 on CBS, in the video clip above and photos below.

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Photo/Video credit: CBS