'Elementary' Season 1 finale: [Spoiler] is Moriarty!

elementary-season-1-finale.jpgThe bombshell revealed last week on "Elementary" comes to a head on the Season 1 finale, when Irene Adler comes back into Sherlock's life.

And in the season finale, Adler is revealed to be Moriarty. She was posing as a man to run her con artist schemes and when she realized Sherlock wasn't a threat to her plans, she faked her death at the hands of "Moriarty."

Now she has reappeared in Sherlock's life, causing him to go back down the rabbit hole of his heroin addiction. Or has she? Because he fakes the heroin overdose. And when she wants him to run away with her instead, he throws Watson's diagnosis in her face and has her arrested.

What did you think of the Season 1 finale of "Elementary," fans?
Photo/Video credit: CBS