Elisabeth Hasselbeck makes 'FOX and Friends' debut

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck made her "FOX and Friends" debut Monday morning (Sept. 16), where she was surprised by former "View" co-host Sherri Shepherd, who advised Hasselbeck's new co-hosts on how to win her over -- "Always ask about her children, always have anything gluten free on the set, and always come to work with a smile."

But after a few pleasantries -- and talking about the disparity on the Miss American questions last night, which we happen to agree with (Syria vs. Miley Cyrus, are you serious?) -- they jumped right into some hot topics, like Vladimir Putin and Hasselbeck joking with guest Donald Trump that President Obama should give his Noble Peace Prize back.

Hasselbeck seemed to fit right in. She previously told the AP that being asked to join "Fox and Friends" is like "being called up to play for one of your favorite teams in the major leagues."

Did you watch her first day? What did you think?

Photo/Video credit: Twitter