'Weeds' star Elizabeth Perkins clears the air about smoking stunt pot!


Elizabeth Perkins talks about what it's like to work on "Weeds," possibly the most drug-addled show on TV.

The Emmy-, Golden Globe- and SAG-nominated actress tells Fancast: Inside TV the truth about smoking "stunt weed," why she thinks marijuana should be legalized and why she loved spiking her daughter's food with laxatives, shaving her husband's head, and taking Quaaludes to PTA meetings.

On the show, people! On the show!

Here's an excerpt:

Snoop Dogg, who guested on the show, said you guys use "stunt weed"; what is stunt weed?

EP: "If we smoked real weed, we wouldn't get anything done over here. Stunt weed is sort of what you would smoke if you went out and bought rose-flavored cigarettes, or cinnamon cigarettes or clove. It is a combination of herbs that don't get you stoned. Although if you shoot all day with it you do get sort of lightheaded."

Does it smell authentic?

EP: "Oh, yeah, it actually smells like marijuana, which is kind of fun. Which kind of it sets up the whole feeling around here that we're all stoned. Although we really are not stoned."

What are your views on the whole pot thing?

EP: "I think it is crazy that it is illegal, and I think it is crazy that people are in jail once they get busted with small amounts of marijuana. I am so pro-legalized marijuana because I just don't see it as that dangerous of a narcotic. I don't think that means high school students should be able to do bong hits whenever they want to. I do think (adults) should be able to do what they want in the privacy of their own home with an herb that grows in the backyard."

You've said Celia Rhodes is certifiably insane. What are the key moments where you went "How am I going to play this?"

EP: "Putting laxatives in your daughter's food. Walking into the PTA meeting with Quaaludes in your pocket, uhm, becoming so shit-faced you fall asleep on the atrium of your floor. Shaving your husband's head, pulling your best friend's hair. Celia says the most outrageous things. She is the racist, bigot, white woman who is clearly unaware of the effect she is having on other people. She is jealous, envious, greedy, mean -- she is a certifiable insane witch. I love playing her."

And we love watching her.

Photo: Elizabeth Perkins at an Elle magazine Women in Hollywood event in 2007