Elizabeth Banks discusses semi-public nudity on 'The Daily Show'

New York City is the city that never sleeps. And, if you believe Elizabeth Banks, sometimes is a little more naked than you might want.

While on " The Daily Show" on Thursday (Jan. 19), the actress tells host Jon Stewart of her encounters with her nude neighbor.

She explains, "I lived on a brownstone on the Upper West Side, and there was a dude right across the courtyard...he would stand on the phone with his junk, just like chillin'...and not a care in the world."

But it appears that Banks might be guilty of a little apartment flashing of her own.

"I used to just run [naked] from the bathroom to the bedroom. At a certain point, you're just like, 'It's New York, who cares?'" she tells Stewart.

Here's the clip...

Photo/Video credit: Comedy Central